Welcome to Ping Kang Dental Clinic

We are Chinese-invested, professional hospital, where you will be treared personally by Chinese Dental experts.
We specialize in various maxillofacial surgeries, removal of cystic tumors, repair of maxillofacial fractures, removal of hemangioma, tooth extraction,teeth filling, denture,orthodontics, artificial dental implants, etc.
Our treatment of various toothaches is most effective. One-time dental devices will be used to prevent cross infection, so that patients will be better served in our hospital

We are very distinctive and unique because we incorporate skill, experience and technology under one roof. Our practice is recognized as a leader in the dental technology industry. We utilize digital radiography, computerized imaging, intraoral cameras and the highest quality materials, ensuring that you will get the best possible results. The work of our highly competent doctors of varying disciplines of dentistry, coupled with the use of the latest equipment and technologies ensures that each patient is treated like royalty. Our complete team functions on the sole purpose of ensuring complete patient care and satisfaction, and this dedication is what sets us apart from our counterparts.